Misanthropic Wrath (Demo)

by Typhonic Age

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released November 20, 2011

All Music by Typhonic Age
Recorded, mixed, mastered, and released by Typhonic Age in Asheville, NC

Set - Lyrics, Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars
Zann - Drums, Lead and Rhythm Guitars



all rights reserved


Typhonic Age Asheville, North Carolina

Typhonic Age plays thrashing, old school Black Metal inspired by bands like Bathory, Celtic Frost, Sodom, and Darkthrone. Founded in Asheville, NC in Winter, early 2011.

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Track Name: Procreating the Archetype
Arise, Darkness
Come Forth
Track Name: Therionic Wolfhowl
The forest is my home
I hunt in the night
From the mountaintops moonlit
Into valleys dark and fearful

A chill clings to your bones
And you freeze upon hearing my

The frost of morning
Clings to your bones
Only I could see in the darkness

I make my way through forgotten paths
I make my den in the lonely places
I circle your camps, waiting
The fire in my heart is brighter than yours

Your heart races with rabbitspeed
You panic at the sound of my

You'll never accept your fate
Clinging fearfully to your pitiful life
Until the very end
Track Name: Ahriman Ascendent
Gravity dissipates
The earth, falling away
I cling to the rim of the forest
Losing grip on reality

Falling into the sky
Into empty space I slip
Falling into the sky
Pierce the firmament

Fuck the world!

Into nothingness I disappear
Unite with Morning Star
Ahriman ascendant
Nothing left to fear

This is fucking black metal!

Ahriman ascendant!

Return to earth on twelve wings
Illuminated by black flames
I see right through you
Through the eyes of Lucifer